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Our strengths include the very good price-performance ratio and high flexibility. Our German-speaking employees live in Southeast Asia, know hotels and local organizers and always keep an eye on current changes.

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Book a Thailand tour: tips and information

All listed tours can be customized according to your wishes. Simply contact us. Then we create your very personal offer .

Do you already have questions about our tours or Thailand tours in general?

In the following we answer questions that are asked again and again on the subject. If you have further questions, you can contact us at any time - either by email or by phone

Routes and locations for Thailand tours: Where to go?

Our tours take you to Thailand's most beautiful beaches and sights . We often linked goals that are close to each other.

After all, you should be able to enjoy as much of your vacation time as possible and spend as little as possible in the car. Nevertheless, it is of course not always possible to avoid having to travel further distances. The aircraft is therefore the first choice for some routes.

Here are some tips :

Thailand tour and beach holiday 2019/2020

Many tours include beautiful islands or great beaches on the coast. So if bathing in the sea and relaxing on the beach are important to you, we are guaranteed to have the right offers.

Here are a few examples:

Thailand round trip with bathing extension / bathing stay

Even if you opt for a round trip that mainly focuses on sights in the interior or in the north, it is always possible to plan a beach stay afterwards or in advance.

You can have it organized by us or book on your own.

Thailand tour: what to see (Routes, places and places of interest)

If you are not yet familiar with Thailand, just have a look at our suggestions for tours. There are a lot of interesting ideas.

Of course, our tours contain the most beautiful destinations. For example, you can visit the cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle in the north of the country. These are real highlights for those interested in culture.

The same applies to the historical sites in Ayutthaya , Kanchanaburi and Sukhothai .

Thailand's capital Bangkok offers many highlights: whether temples, street food, sky bars or shopping tours - unforgettable experiences are guaranteed.

Anyone traveling south from Bangkok will come to the beaches and islands that have made Thailand world famous as a holiday destination. For example Phuket , Koh Lanta and Krabi on the Andaman coast.

In the Gulf of Thailand you can visit Koh Samui , Koh Phangan and Koh Tao on the west coast as well as Koh Chang , Koh Mak and Koh Kood on the east coast.

No matter where you want to go in Thailand, just tell us your wishes and we will create your individual dream trip .

Thailand tour from Bangkok

Bangkok is usually the first stop on a trip to Thailand, since almost all long-haul flights from Europe land here. We therefore offer some tours that start directly in Bangkok, for example to the cultural highlights in the north or through national parks in the south .

However, if your tour starts at a different location, you can simply book a (mostly cheap) domestic flight. Or we can do it for you.

And for each of our tours along the coasts and islands, we can of course also make you an attractive Bangkok offer.

Thailand tour from Phuket

The holiday island of Phuket also has an international airport. There are only a few long-distance connections to Europe, but there are domestic flights from all parts of the country.

You can therefore fly to Phuket on your own and start there with one of our round trips. Phuket is the starting point for some very attractive island tours. For example:

Thailand tour in the south / island hopping

The south of the country is known for its great beaches and beautiful islands. Thailand is therefore ideal for island hopping - and there are directly several regions.

There are wonderful island groups in both the east and west of the Gulf of Thailand, which are highly recommended for a visit.

On the Andaman coast, from Phuket to Koh Lipe (border with Malaysia), there is one beautiful island after the other.

Round trips in the Gulf of Thailand (selection):

Round trips on the Andaman coast (selection):

Thailand tour in the north

There is no coast in northern Thailand. Nevertheless, this part of the country is very popular with regard to round trips.
Here you will find temples and remains of ancient kingdoms.

Whether Sukhothai, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai or the Golden Triangle - there is really a lot to see here. The region is also popular with active vacationers. So if you fancy jungle trekking or hiking in a dreamlike landscape, you've come to the right place.

Thailand tour in the north with swimming in the south

Most tours of northern Thailand end in Chiang Mai. If you then want to go to the sea for a swim, you can fly directly from there to Koh Samui, Phuket or Krabi and you're on the beach.

Thailand tour in the Gulf of Thailand

The Gulf of Thailand is ideal for island hopping. The popular holiday islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao are located right next to each other.

Alternatively, you can travel to the east coast. Near the border with Cambodia are also beautiful islands with Koh Chang, Koh Mak and Koh Kood. And the last two are still a real tip for those looking for peace.

Round trip Thailand and Cambodia

Thailand's neighboring country Cambodia is also a popular travel destination. The Angkor temples in particular are a unique place that you simply have to see.

For this reason, many travelers combine their vacation in Thailand with a few days in Cambodia.

For those interested in culture, we have designed a tour entitled Khmer Temple in Thailand and Cambodia . In addition, we can also offer you other trips, for example beach holidays on Koh Chang and Koh Kood with subsequent onward travel to Angkor.

Or Bangkok, Angkor and then a beach holiday in Thailand.

Here you can find our Cambodia tours for inspiration.

Round trip Thailand and Laos

Laos is also a neighboring country to Thailand. Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Vientiane or the 4,000 islands are interesting travel destinations there.

Laos can be combined well with trips through the north of Thailand. Or you fly from Bangkok.

You can find our Laos tours here .

Round trip Thailand and Myanmar

Myanmar borders Thailand in the north and west. The former Burma is still an insider tip with regard to the many sights and pristine beaches.

We also offer some very nice Myanmar tours, which we can also link with your Thailand tour.

We also have a trip that goes from the Thai border to Yangon . Our snorkeling safari with the Reggae Queen starts in Thailand and then goes to destinations in southern Myanmar.

You can find our Myanmar tours here .

Round trip Thailand, Cambodia and Laos

If you are planning a larger tour, you may be able to visit all three countries during a vacation. A popular route leads from northern Thailand to Laos, down the Mekong to the south and there across the border to Cambodia.

There you will then visit the best highlights such as the Angkor temples before heading back to Thailand. Talk to us if you are interested.

Round trip Thailand and Vietnam

Vietnam is not a neighboring country to Thailand. If you want to link the two countries, you have to fly.

Here you can see our suggestions for Vietnam tours. Of course we can bring these together with your Thailand program.

Thailand tour: time and duration

How long? / Duration of the tour

With regard to the duration of the Thailand tour, all options are open to you: from a few days to several weeks. You can also organize part of your trip with us and the rest on your own.

Thailand tour one week / 7 days

The period of one week is particularly suitable for the culturally interesting tours. Or for a little beach tour.

Examples 4-8 days:

Thailand tour 10 days

With a round trip of 10 days you can already combine culture and beach. Or you can explore a few islands.

Thailand tour 2 weeks / 14 days

With round trips of two weeks you can visit the best destinations on the Andaman coast or get to know the most beautiful islands on the Gulf of Thailand.

Thailand tour 3 weeks

With a three-week round trip you can definitely plan a lot of relaxation. A combination of Bangkok + culture and beach would be ideal.

Thailand tour 4 weeks

If you have four weeks, you can explore all parts of the country - or focus on relaxation.

Thailand tour 2019/2020

All our offers are updated for the 2019/20 season.

Thailand tour best travel time

There is a basic distinction between three seasons in Thailand:

  1. The "cool" dry season from November to February, when it hardly rains. Temperatures are between 30 and 33 degrees during the day and around 20 at night. The rainfall differs by country.
  2. The hot dry season from March to May, when the thermometer averages 36 degrees. From May the number of rainy days increases slowly.
  3. The rainy season from June to October. It is still warm, but it rains frequently, especially in the south. However, many places are still easy to travel and the landscape is greener. The air humidity is higher than during the dry season.

The "cool" dry season is considered the best time to travel . Basically, however, Thailand is a year-round destination. In addition, some experienced Thailand vacationers prefer the rainy season when there are significantly fewer tourists on the beaches. And the prices are then also significantly lower.

Those who have never been to Thailand may have a hard time imagining the rainy season. Of course, in the worst case it can happen that it rains a lot, but mostly it is only heavy showers that fall in the afternoon or at night.

It should also be noted that the weather in Thailand is more difficult to predict from year to year. So it cannot rain for days even during the rainy season. Or it rains during the dry season.

Thailand tour in January

Most of the holidaymakers are in the country in January. The sun shines up to nine hours a day. All parts of the country can be easily traveled. It often rains a little more on Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao than in other places.

Thailand tour in February

February is also known for good weather. It hardly rains and the temperatures are between 23 and 33 degrees. A good month for a tour.

Thailand tour in March

The high season is coming to an end in March, but the weather is still great on average. All parts of the country are ideal for a round trip.

Thailand tour in April

April starts the off-season. It is very hot with up to 36 degrees. It rains occasionally in the region around Phuket. Nevertheless, all parts of the country can be visited well.

Thailand tour in May

Welcome to the off season. You can easily go on a round trip, but you should note that some national parks close. It usually rains more on the Andaman coast than in the Gulf of Thailand.

Thailand tour in June

It is still warm, but on average it rains every second or third day. Humidity can be a bit of a problem in Bangkok. It is still tolerable on the coast and often it only rains for an hour in the afternoon.

Thailand tour in July

During the summer holidays, many holidaymakers are drawn to Thailand again. Because it rains less, the Gulf Islands are more popular at this time. However, traveling on the Andaman coast is also possible at this time. When swimming, you have to pay attention to currents in the water in some places (observe warning signs).

Thailand tour in August

The Gulf Islands are still popular in August. The sun shines for four to seven hours a day, but it also rains regularly.

Thailand tour in September

September is similar to August. It rains often, but is still warm.

Thailand tour in October

From October the rainy days will be less, especially in the north of the country. The temperatures are around 30 degrees, the humidity is high.

Thailand tour in November

The number of visitors rose again in November. It hardly rains in Bangkok and in the north, while Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao have a rainy month.

Thailand tour in December

The tourists are coming! There are pleasant temperatures in the north and central Thailand. The weather on the Andaman coast is also usually very good, whereas around Koh Samui it is a bit of a matter of luck.

Thailand round trip over Christmas

When it gets really cold in Europe, the best time to travel begins in Thailand. Many holidaymakers spend Christmas in Thailand. Jingle bells at 30 degrees? Here it is possible. Most hotels offer a special gala dinner at Christmas.

Thailand round trip on New Years Eve

And of course you can also spend the turn of the year in Thailand. Many hotels are also holding a gala dinner on this occasion. Fireworks also take place in Thailand, but not as much as we do.

Thailand round trip Easter

Many holidaymakers use the Easter holidays for a two-week holiday in Thailand. It is usually hot in March / April and the rainy season has not yet started. There are significantly fewer tourists in Thailand than in the months of December to February.

Winter 2019/20

If you want to fly to Thailand in the winter of 2019/20, it is best to contact us quickly before the best hotels are fully booked.

Thailand tour: how and with whom do you want to travel?

Round trip as a couple / friends

Most tours are booked by couples or friends. Mostly there are two travelers, but more and more people take part in the trip again and again. We can organize trips for any number of people, whether one person or a larger group.

Thailand tour for single travelers / single room

If you prefer to travel alone or find no one who can travel with you at the desired time, you can of course also book a tour for yourself.

However, it is usually a little more expensive for solo travelers, as the prices are always calculated for two people in a double room. A single room surcharge is usually due for overnight stays.

Alternatively, you can take a Thailand group tour .

Thailand tour with family

Many families book their vacation or Thailand tour with us. We know places and activities that are particularly suitable for families and also have an eye on the age of the children. We would be happy to create a suitable program.

Thailand tour with children

Of course children are very welcome on our trips. We would be happy to draw up a vacation plan that takes into account the wishes of small (or large) children.

In many hotels it is possible to put an extra bed in the room. We are happy to discuss the various options.

Thailand tour as an active vacation

Tell us what you want to experience in Thailand. We would be happy to organize a varied program for you. Whether diving, cycling, kayaking, hiking or climbing: we know which places are suitable for which hobby.

Cheap Thailand tour

We also have many interesting offers for small budgets. However, note that the accommodations have at least three stars. So if you want to travel even cheaper, it's probably better to organize the trip on your own.

Honeymoon / Honeymoon

Do you want to go on your honeymoon in Thailand? Or even marry there? We know the most romantic places and the most beautiful experiences. It would be an honor for us to organize this unforgettable journey for you.

Round trip with German tour guide

On request, not only our driver will accompany you, but also a guide who can tell you a lot of interesting facts about sights, the country and its people. The guides speak English, a German-speaking guide is also available for an additional charge.

Exclusive round trips / Thailand deluxe

Would you like to experience something special and stay in the most beautiful hotels in Thailand? We would be happy to organize a luxury tour for you with many unique experiences, great sky bars, dream beaches and everything else that is important to you.

Group Travel / small group

We also have various group tours in the program. One leads from Bangkok to the north , one from Bangkok to the south .

Both tours are small groups (maximum 6 people in the minibus). Another group tour is the snorkeling tour with the reggae queen to Myanmar .

To our Thailand tours:

Which provider carries out the trips?

Our travel partner Sri Siam Holidays - based in Bangkok and with German management - has been organizing tours in Southeast Asia for 30 years.

The travel consultants all speak German, live in Thailand and are very familiar with the area. Sri Siam has now organized an unforgettable holiday in Thailand for more than 50,000 customers.

Where can I book the trips?

The booking process is quite simple. You contact us by e-mail or by phone, then you will receive a non-binding offer that we will be happy to adjust again if you have any change requests.

As soon as you are satisfied, let us know and we will send you the invoice. A deposit is due first, the full price four weeks before the start of the trip.

What offers are there?

In our offer we have various round trips from four days to four weeks (longer possible on request).

In addition to Thailand, we also have Laos , Cambodia , Myanmar and Vietnam in our program. Fascination Southeast Asia also offers trips to Malaysia , Indonesia , Sri Lanka and the Philippines in cooperation with other partners.

What are the prices? Cost of the round trip

The prices can be found in the tour descriptions. The price shown there is per person. With 4 people it is cheaper than with 2 people. If it is an odd number, the price can be higher if a single room is included (alternatively, extra beds are often possible).

The prices may vary slightly due to fluctuating exchange rates. You will receive a binding offer from us by email.

Thailand tour with your own arrival?

You travel on your own, ie you book the long-distance flight from Europe yourself. This is the cheapest option for you and you can book a flight that suits your preferences. We can then pick you up at the airport.

Is the Thailand tour including a flight or no flight?

All trips are offered without long-distance routes. You are simply cheaper if you book this flight yourself. We will of course book the domestic flights and all transfers for you.

Transport on the round trip

Cars and minibuses are used as vehicles on our tours. We attach great importance to security.

If you book a private trip, there is no one else in the car besides the driver and possibly the guide. So only you and your companion

Tips and information about Thailand tours

And even more answers to regular questions about preparing for the Thailand tour :

Backpack or suitcase?

For many it is a question of belief. With regard to our tours, it should be said that you are usually always taken from one hotel to another. In this case, a suitcase is not a problem.

However, there are some islands where guests are dropped off on the beach by boat. In this case, it is sometimes easier to carry the luggage on your back. In principle, however, both are possible.


Germans, Austrians and Swiss don't need a visa. Instead, there is a stamp in the passport upon entry, which enables a stay of up to 30 days. More information in the article " Thailand: Visa Entry ".

Round trip for beginners

Thailand has a very good tourist infrastructure. So you don't have to be very experienced in traveling if you want to go on holiday there.

Many of our tours cover the destinations popular with beginners.


There is no catalog with our travel offer. Instead, we create a PDF that includes all of our trips. Send us an email if you are interested.

Last minute round trip

Do you want to travel very soon? This is usually not a problem and we can also organize the trip for you at short notice.

In high season, however, certain hotels may no longer be available. We will then book a comparable replacement for you.

Packing list for the tour

Thailand not only has a good infrastructure, you can also buy almost everything that we have there. You shouldn't worry too much about forgetting something.

In addition to the passport and a credit card, the medication that you may have to take is important.

Here you can find more tips for a Thailand packing list .

Book a tour on site

If you are already in Thailand:

Most local travel agencies mainly offer transfers and day trips. In some travel agencies, however, round trips are also offered.

Alternatively, you can also book online or by phone with us.

Thailand round trip blog

You can find out more about Thailand as a travel destination at Fascination Southeast Asia. Whether the most beautiful destinations, the best beaches, temples or travel tips, just take a look around here and let yourself be inspired.


Elephant riding has a bad reputation in Thailand. All too often, animals have been tortured or made to act by force.

But a change has taken place in recent years. There are more and more elephant camps where animals are treated well.

Instead of riding, you can spend time with the animals, feed them or wash them. Let us know if you are interested.


Even though it becomes more difficult to keep secret tips from year to year, there are still some beautiful places that are not on the standard routes.

If this rest is just right for you, we can take this into account when planning.


Of course you can also dive during your round trip. There are diving schools on most touristy beaches. If diving is important to you, we can weight it accordingly when planning your trip.

Plan Thailand tour

Finally, a summary of how you can travel with us.

Thailand tour individually

Apart from group tours, all of our tours are created individually. That means we can respond exactly to your wishes. We would be happy to do this on the phone.

Guided tour of Thailand or package vacation?

Backpacking made Thailand famous. Around 40 years after the first explorers explored the country with backpacks, you have many options for making your trip.

You can travel with your backpack on your own , you can book a guided tour , a group tour or a package holiday .

A package holiday is especially recommended if you only want to stay in one place. However, if you plan to see more of the country, a tour is recommended.

Round trip as a backpacker / on your own

Backpacking in Thailand is still very popular. The infrastructure makes it easy for you to get from A to B.

If you want to travel on your own, you will find all the information you need on this page.

Compile round trip / modular trip

Do you like two trips presented here? Then we can put them together for you. You can also select individual elements of the tours listed here. We would be happy to make you an individual offer.

Do you have any further questions about your Thailand tour? Then get in touch with us.

Fantastic trips to Southeast Asia

Would you like to go to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia? Are you dreaming of a vacation in the Philippines or in Myanmar? Then take a look at our offers. Together with local tour operators in the individual countries, we have developed attractive round trips (private and group trips). In addition, your vacation can also be designed individually according to your wishes.

Click here for route suggestions and further information.