Everything you need to travel: the best apps, software and websites


Here you will find over 100 aids that make traveling easier. The ultimate list of tools, websites, technical equipment, apps, credit cards and insurance.

Apps, software, websites: the best tools and sources of information for your trip

The following compilation is constantly updated.

Currently available links to help you plan your trip: 132

Are you more concerned with the equipment? Here you can find my packing list for Southeast Asia .

Maybe I'm a little old-fashioned, but I still buy a travel guide when I travel to a new country for the first time. Although there is now a lot of information on the Internet, I like reading a book in the evening in bed, on the sofa or on the train. I usually find things that I might not have searched for online.

travel Guide More info:
My own travel guide

In addition to my publications here on the page, I have also written some travel guides. The eBooks Fascination Thailand and Fascination Vietnam offer optimal preparation for a trip to the respective countries.

" 555 Tips for Bangkok" is an extensive insider guide. It is available as a printed book and as an eBook. It is also available from Bol.com . But of course I'm more happy if you order it directly from me.
Stefan Loose's guidebook

For the classic travel guides, the orange manuals by Stefan Loose are number 1 for me, at least as far as Southeast Asia is concerned. Whether Thailand, Myanmar or Vietnam - the offer is huge.

Here is the overview on Bol.com . Or you can order free of charge (within Germany) directly from the publisher .
Lonely Planet travel guide

The most famous travel guide in the world is Lonely Planet. A number of good titles are also available for Southeast Asia. A small disadvantage for me compared to loose: The books are sold in English worldwide. The "demand" for the tips contained therein is correspondingly high.

The books are available from Bol.com or directly from the publisher .

More classic travel guides

There are other good Southeast Asia travel guides from Reise Know-How and Dumont . Marco Polo's books provide information in compressed form.
Guidebook of Indojunkie

Indojunkies Melissa and Petra have published a number of exciting Indonesia books. The best known is "122 Things to do in Bali" (click here to order the eBook or book directly from the authors or check here at Bol.com ). Other good titles are "Surf Bali" ( eBook , book , book Bol.com ) and the only German-speaking Sulawesi travel guide ( eBook , book , book Bol.com ).
Home is where your bag is

Tobi and Marcel spend most of the year in Thailand or Indonesia. They have processed their knowledge in some great books. For example, in the only German->directly from the authors or look here at Bol.com ).

There are further island guides on Koh Phangan (as an eBook or book directly from the authors or on Bol.com ) and Koh Samui (as an eBook or book from the authors or on Bol.com ).
More travel guides from travel bloggers

If you want to travel as a backpacker, but you still have a lot of questions, I recommend the book "No Worries: Backpacking for Beginners."

Another very helpful book has been published by Carina from Pink Compass: Women Travel Solo: The guide for women traveling alone.

Are you interested in the topic "Traveling with a child"? Jenny from Weltwunderer is a co-author of the travel guide for families .

There are interesting travel guides to Nusa Penida and Sri Lanka, among others.

You should also take care of the topic of finance before you travel. It is not just about budget planning, but also about choosing the right credit card. This way you can save a lot of money on the go.

finances: More info:

currency converter

I have been using the Finanz100 app ( iOS / Android ) on my smartphone for years. For example, Oanda is recommended on the web.
Trail wallet

On the go, I often use the Trail Wallet app (currently only iOS) to keep track of my finances. So I can see at any time how much I have already spent per day or on the entire trip.
Credit card comparison

I really invested a lot of working time in this credit card comparison. You will get an overview of the best travel credit cards there. In addition, background information about paying outside of Europe is explained and you will receive a lot of tips on saving money.

The Santander credit card has been one of the best credit cards for travel in Southeast Asia since April 2016. You can use this to withdraw cash free of charge from all ATMs and, unlike currently all other cards, you can get the foreign fees reimbursed on request. I have summarized the advantages of the card in an article above on the best travel credit card for Thailand and Southeast Asia. There you will learn how you can save around 25-30 euros during a three-week holiday with Santander.


The DKB also offers a good travel credit card and a fine checking account. For students there is also the international ISIC ID for one year. You can save a lot of money on the go. (Details in the above article)

You can also withdraw for free with the comdirect credit card. There is usually a financial welcome bonus for new customers.
(Details in the above article)

The offer of the N26 Bank is also attractive. The app in particular offers a whole range of innovative functions.
(Details in the above article)
Noris Bank

Norisbank offers an interesting free current account. Unfortunately, the credit line cannot be increased by transfers.
(Details in the above article)

The Advanzia card is worthwhile as a second card, for example in addition to DKB and comdirect, in order to pay free of charge with the card in restaurants or hotels in Southeast Asia.
(Details in the above article)

The ADAC credit card is chargeable, but you can save money with discounts on rental cars and fuel sales as well as insurance benefits. Therefore, you should calculate before or when it is worth it for you.
(Details in the above article)

Here I am gradually adding new tools to help you plan a longer trip.

organization More info:

Are you planning a trip around the world or want to tour Southeast Asia for several months, but don't know where to go with your mail? CAYA is your digital mailbox. Just have your mail forwarded to CAYA during your absence. There it is automatically scanned and placed in your digital mailbox. Via the website or the app you have access to your letters at all times and always stay up to date even in the most beautiful beach. Your post will of course be archived permanently free of charge so that you can access it even after your travels.

Thanks to flight search engines like Skyscanner or Momondo, finding cheap flights is very easy today. If the price is too high, you can see the costs for each day of the month in the overview or connections from nearby alternative airports.

If the price difference is not too big, I often book directly with the airlines and not with third-party providers. Then it becomes easier or cheaper if something has to be rebooked.

Flights: More info:

Skyscanner is still the most frequently used flight search engine. In the past years I have already booked numerous flights via the platform (here you can find my Skyscanner test report ).

I also often use Momondo when I am looking for a cheap curse. I have already booked many flights here (and here is my Momondo test report) .

Emirates is an attractive option for many travelers. From Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna and Zurich - with a change in Dubai - there are many destinations in Southeast Asia. Partly with the A380.

Lufthansa flies non-stop from Frankfurt to Bangkok and Singapore.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines flies non-stop several times a week from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich to Singapore. The airport there is an important hub in Southeast Asia and is particularly suitable for onward travel to Indonesia and Malaysia.

Ethiad Airways offers many cheap offers. From Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Munich or Zurich - with a change in Abu Dhabi - many Southeast Asian destinations are served.
Euro Wings

Eurowings currently flies from Cologne to Bangkok several times a week. However, the airline is relocating its long-haul connections to Düsseldorf. The first non-stop flights from Düsseldorf to Bangkok will be available at the end of October.

I have also created a number of guides :

Flight search engines changed the travel market many years ago and made a decisive contribution to simplifying individual planning and making it cheaper. Only in recent years has it been possible to book bus, train and ferry tickets for Southeast Asia online. And the range of available routes is growing. In this way, times and costs can be determined more and more precisely.

Transport on site: More info:

Rapidly growing ticket portal for Southeast Asia. Tickets for buses, ferries and trains as well as flight tickets are available from 12Go .
Starting with Thailand there are now tickets for Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, India and the Philippines. And new inexpensive connections are added almost daily.

Baolau is one of the best portals for cheap train, boat and bus tickets for Vietnam. The offer is expanded and there are already tickets for Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.
BusOnlineTicket Thailand

If you did not find a ferry or bus connection in Thailand at 12go, you should take a look at BusOnlineTicket Thailand . The site also has a lot of links on offer.
BusOnlineTicket Malaysia

The BusOnlineTicket Malaysia page offers numerous cheap bus, train and ferry tickets for Malaysia and Singapore.
Easy Book

The Easybook website offers a large selection of bus, ferry and train tickets for Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand.


If you want to go to Indonesia, you should visit Tiket.com . There are not only a lot of flight, bus and ferry connections. Most offers are also very cheap.

A good booking portal for India is the Cleartrip website . The offer includes plane tickets and train tickets.

With Uber you can order a taxi via app in many places. The prices are usually cheaper than with conventional taxis.

The same applies to Grab , Uber's biggest competitor in this industry.
Rental cars

Do you need a rental car in Southeast Asia? Rental Cars compares the offers of many well-known providers.

More information can be found here:

When I started traveling to Southeast Asia, it was normal to look around for a place to stay overnight and make a spontaneous decision about how long the stay would last and when it would go on.

However, the clear majority of travelers now book their accommodations on platforms such as Agoda or Booking.com. The result: Many of the popular accommodations are sold out, especially in the high season, which in turn means that even more people make reservations in advance. And, what surprises me a bit, the prices online are often lower than at the reception.

Find Hotels: More info:

For me, Agoda is number 1 when looking for accommodation in Southeast Asia. When I travel, I usually find the largest offer and the cheapest prices. Here is my Agoda review .

The hotel search engine from Booking.com is also very good. The selection for Southeast Asia is a little smaller than that of Agoda but still huge. You can cancel many offers until shortly before the trip. Here is my booking.com review .


The Hostelworld portal specializes in affordable accommodation. Rooms are arranged in hostels, including single beds in the dormitory.

Tripadvisor probably has the widest range of reviews of hotels, tours, and destinations. You can partially book accommodation directly on the platform.


In Southeast Asia you can also try to book a room in a private apartment with AirBnB. There are also many offers from professional providers. If you register via this link, you will receive a starting credit of up to € 34.

Another platform through which you can stay privately is couch surfing . In contrast to AirBnB free of charge, but you also have to offer sleeping places with you.

More and more providers of tours and excursions put their program online. The advantage: On platforms like Get Your Guide or Viator, you can compare tours and read the reviews of participants.

Tours and excursions: More info:
Get Your Guide

One of the best platforms for tours in Southeast Asia is Get Your Guide . Whether city tour or snorkeling tour, here you can easily book your holiday experiences online and read the reviews of other travelers in advance.

Another constantly growing portal is rent-a-guide . While the platform for destinations in Europe such as Rome or Madrid is already very strong, there is still a lift to the top in Southeast Asia. But you can already book numerous tours from different providers.


The platform Viator belongs to Tripadvisor and has a really huge range of Southeast Asia travel tours on offer, whether hot air balloon over Bagan or giant wheel in Singapore. Cooking classes and boat tours are also offered.
With locals

On the With Locals page you can book guided tours of local private individuals. Or get to know the local cuisine together with them.
BackpackerPack Tripps

You can book guided backpacker tours on the BackpackerPack Tripps website. Period: a few days to two weeks.

I regularly use the following apps and programs when planning my trip.

Planning / managing data More info:
Google Maps

You probably know that too: You are planning a trip to a country you have never been to, and new city names are flying around your ears that you do not remember and that you cannot pronounce. To at least keep their position, I create a map on Google Maps in which I save them as pin heads.
Citymaps 2 go

Paid app that allows you to download maps and use them offline. Click here for iOS and here for Android .
Rome 2 Rio

Great site. With Rome 2 Rio you can choose routes and bus connections and check distances. Is also available as an app.


I am no longer planning a trip without the Evernote note-taking program. Whether packing list, important information or route ideas, you can save everything here. With the help of the webclipper, which you can install as an add-on in the browser, it is possible to save articles from websites including photos and to add keywords (e.g. #Thailand, #Krabi). With the paid premium version, you can even share individual notebooks with your travel partner.

Dropbox is a (to a limited extent) free online storage. Here you can - provided you have a good internet connection - back up photos from the road, for example.
Google Drive

Another way to store data online is Google Drive . In addition, documents can be edited together.

With 1Password you can save your passwords. It syncs with your other devices. Very helpful.

Have you been to the most beautiful destinations but not satisfied with the photos? Here are a few tips on how your pictures will get better in the future.

Better photos: More info:
Photo course by 22places

If you really want to learn how to take better pictures, the 22places photo course is ideal for you. In 59 lessons with 40 videos you will learn everything from the basics of technology to image design to image editing. Very worthwhile!

My-road drone course

Drones are currently in, but very few get the best out of their aircraft. The online course of travel bloggers Bina and Francis creates the basics and gives real expert tips.
Edit pictures online

A free image editor is available on the website of the photo provider Shutterstock. You can use it to edit, crop or filter images online. You can also easily incorporate texts into the photos. In addition, you have the option of changing image formats , reducing the size of images or creating collages .

You should include the topic of health in your travel planning right from the start. This affects both the correct preventive care (vaccinations Co) as well as the travel pharmacy and the conclusion of an insurance policy, which reimburses treatment costs on site and in the worst case, the return transport.

bless you: More info:
travel pharmacy

Before you travel to Southeast Asia, you should think about the first-aid kit. In this article you will find tips and information.
Shop Pharmacy

Whether mosquito repellent, pain reliever or ointment, some purchases are usually necessary before traveling abroad. I compared and found that some things at the shop pharmacy were up to 30 percent cheaper than at Bol.com or the pharmacy in the neighborhood.
Comparison calculator travel health insurance / travel cancellation insurance

Here you will find a practical comparison calculator that contains what I think is the best travel insurance. You simply enter your age and the duration of the trip, and you can have the various tariffs displayed in the overview.

If you need some information in advance, you should read this article . By the way, in addition to travel health insurance, you can also find out about the costs for travel cancellation, trip interruption or luggage insurance there if required.
Hanse Merkur

The international health insurance of Hanse Merkur is regularly rated well.
STA Travel

The international health insurance from STA Travel offers many advantages for young travelers.

Center for travel medicine

Background information and current reports on topics such as dengue, malaria and zika are available at CRM .
German Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health

Here you will find doctors in your area who will give you the best advice on which vaccinations are really necessary before your trip.

The countries of Southeast Asia are also not free from conflicts. Therefore, you should inform yourself about the current situation before your trip.

Security / Insurance More info:
Travel safely

Good app from the Federal Foreign Office in Germany. Among other things with current safety instructions, "What to do in an emergency" and where am I? Here for iOs and here for Android .

On my travels I always have a lot of camera equipment, a notebook etc. with me. I had all of this included in the photographic insurance of Aktivas . That costs me around 100 euros a year, but I'm more relaxed inside when I leave things in the evening in my wooden bungalow, the door of which almost falls over when I look at it.

General safety tips

Inform about the current situation in the countries of Southeast Asia:
- the German Foreign Office
- the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Whether a good backpack, a space-saving sleeping bag or a practical packing bag: if you travel a lot, you should place a little value on good equipment. On the following platforms you will find everything you need.

Equipment: More info:

(Almost) everything you need to travel can be found on Bol.com .

However, the Globetrotter mail order company is also highly recommended, as it also has a few branches in major German cities. When buying backpacks, it is worth trying them on in the shop.

Low prices and a large selection - that's what Decathlon stands for. There are branches in many cities, but you can also order online at any time.

Bergfreunde offers a large selection of trekking and travel accessories as well as outdoor items.

The Trunki brand offers a great selection of suitcases, bags and seats for children. Take a look at the overview here .

Do you want to remember your trip or share it with friends and family? Then put a few texts and pictures on the net. It's easy with this:

Share experiences: More info:

Fascination Southeast Asia was created with WordPress and most other blogs as well. Anyone who travels the world longer than the classic vacation time will find the best tools here to report on the go.


You don't want to write so much, but rather just share the most beautiful photos? Then take a look at the new platform TRASTY . There it is child's play to upload your pictures and provide them with signatures and a few travel information. Then you can share your smartly prepared travel page with a click of the mouse on Facebook or send it to friends and family by email.

Are you looking for a mix of modern and classic? Then take a look at the MyPostcard app (here for iOS and here for Android ). There you can upload your travel pictures and design your own postcard. This will then be sent from Germany and will most likely arrive before you get home.
Day one

If you prefer to collect the memories just for yourself, the diary app "Day One" ( iOS / Android ) may be the right thing for you. Whether text or picture notes, here you can save everything that is important to you.

Not sure where to go on your next trip yet? Then let yourself be inspired a little. There are beautiful photos on networks like Pinterst or Instagram. And on this page you will also find a variety of interesting ideas.

Inspiration: More info:

Take beautiful vacation pictures along the way, add a filter if necessary and then share them with friends. That's fun. Here is my Instagram profile .

Boredom in the office or a rainy Sunday? On Pinterest you can view photos of the most beautiful places in the world and then add them to your own pin boards. For example, you can create a bucket list. Here is my Pinterest profile .
Audio Books

Audiobooks are a great way to get inspiration. Whether driving a car, on the train, on the cross trainer or relaxing on the sofa: never before has it been so easy to collect new ideas for your next trip and to learn a lot of interesting facts. There are now countless great travel books that you can also listen to. The selection at Audible is particularly large. In »A trip through Thailand« , for example, the two authors take you on a bike tour through Chinatown in Bangkok, to a cooking school in Chiang Mai and on a boat trip in Phang Nga Bay. A good start for newcomers to Thailand. But of course there are also many other titles about other countries and cities.

Lists guides

Do you have any other tips for this list?

Better informed, experience more!

Whether classic or insider tip: find the most beautiful destinations and routes .
Stay up to date on how you can save money on the go and get useful tips and information for your trip .
Get inspired and collect new ideas . Get the best Southeast Asia news regularly in your mailbox with just one click!

Here you will find information on data protection, analysis, revocation.

Fantastic trips to Southeast Asia

Would you like to go to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia? Are you dreaming of a vacation in the Philippines or in Myanmar? Then take a look at our offers. Together with local tour operators in the individual countries, we have developed attractive round trips (private and group trips). In addition, your vacation can also be designed individually according to your wishes.

Click here for route suggestions and further information.