Packing list for diving and snorkeling


Your backpack is already so full anyway and you're wondering whether you should really take your own things with you for diving or snorkeling?

My first answer is: no!

The diving schools are usually well equipped and have all equipment in almost all common sizes in stock. The rental fee is included in the price of the dive or dive course.

Equipment is also usually provided for snorkeling tours, at least diving goggles and snorkels can always be borrowed. The better providers also have fins in their range.

If snorkeling or diving are just a minor aspect of your trip, you can really save on luggage.

However, there are also reasons to buy your own equipment:

  1. With your own equipment, you can start snorkeling at any time from your beach if there is an interesting underwater world there. You don't have to rely on return periods and save money in the medium term.
  2. Once you've found a pair of glasses that suits you, you won't waste any more time adjusting your glasses on your tours.
  3. If you have very large feet, it is often the case that the corresponding fins are missing or are only available in small numbers. Fins that are too small cause painful blisters.
  4. From a hygienic point of view, many people find their own snorkel or diving suits advantageous.

Packing list diving snorkeling

Of course, these are very classic: diving goggles ( here at ) and snorkels ( here at ) ). If you inhale vigorously, the glasses should stick to your face without a band. If you have longer hair, you know the problem of hair getting tangled with the mask's ribbon. A protective tape ( here at ) it makes it so much easier.

There is a huge selection of fins ( here on ). I recommend those where you can open the strap at the back (with click fastener) to get in with your foot.

This is great and so you can just put on the fins in the water. It is best to get them together with footlets ( here at ). They also make it easier to go into the water, for example when there are a lot of stones or coral scrap. I never want to go into the water with other fins again.

The risk of sunburn is particularly high on snorkeling tours. And the constant creaming is annoying, especially when there is little space on the boats and there are only a few minutes between the different places. A shirt with UV protection ( here at ) is very pleasant. It also offers the upper body a little additional protection against sharp edges of corals or stones.

Shortys ( here at ) and diving suits ( here at ) are the right thing for you if you dive regularly. However, I would not recommend this for the beginner course. First, see if diving is really fun for you and get advice on how thick the suit should be.

If you dive regularly, you will have your own dive computer at some point ( here at ) on your wish list.

A reef leader ( here at ) is a nice thing. As soon as you get back on your boat, you can determine the fish and plants you saw. However, I myself did not have him with me the last two trips. It was more important to me to reduce the weight of my luggage.

When snorkeling I have a long time with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT25EG photographed. The camera is waterproof to a depth of 7 meters. You can find example pictures here: Tanote Bay Surin Islands . Here you will find the well-rated successor model .

Now I'm using my Qumox SJ4000 (here the latest model ). You can find example pictures in my article about snorkeling in Sulas Garden (Maldives). The best (and most expensive) action cam is the GoPro .

Good snorkeling equipment is also available from Globetrotter .

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