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India is not part of Southeast Asia, but is also on the list of many travelers to Southeast Asia. And whoever was finally there either never wants to go there again or becomes addicted to this colorful and noisy cauldron.
India not only has around 5,000 years of history and its own culture to offer, but also famous hippie beaches, links to the highest mountains in the world and a unique flora and fauna.
If you manage to keep serenity and overview in India's cities, you will very quickly dive deep into the Indian culture and absorb unique impressions.
But in this huge country with its 1.2 billion inhabitants there are of course idyllic places where you can find peace and relaxation - not for nothing is India the motherland of yoga. Nevertheless, sensory overload is the order of the day and not everyone falls in love with India directly. But it is definitely worth a try!

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Everything is more powerful in India than anywhere else - including the capital. New Delhi is part of Delhi, the third largest metropolitan area in the world with around 25 million inhabitants. A variety of interesting sights, extreme chaos, but also a lot of unique impressions await you. New Delhi is, in positive and negative, an intoxication for the senses.

Rajasthan is one of the best known Indian states and is located on the border with Pakistan. Many cultural highlights such as old palaces, fortresses, shrines and temples are centered here. The most famous places are the blue city of Jodhpur and the pink city of Jaipur. In a dry climate, you can take unforgettable trips to the deserts and national parks.

The name Uttar Pradesh itself is not so well known, but some people interested in India may have heard of Agra. In this city is the legendary Taj Mahal, which is one of the most beautiful and famous buildings in the world. The spiritual capital of Varansi is also a popular destination. There travelers can witness religious bathing rituals in the holy Ganges.

Madhya Pradesh is a state in central India that houses some significant Hindu temples and a lot of history. Above all, the two large national parks Bandhavgarh and Kanha are known because some of the last Bengal tigers live here. Both parks offer guided safaris that are sure to provide a certain thrill and unforgettable impressions.

The former Bombay is located on the west coast and is one of the most famous places in India. Mumbai is not only the largest city, but is also considered the country's economic and financial center. The famous Gateway of India, well-preserved colonial architecture, the lively city beach and the important temples make Mumbai a unique travel destination.

Many mean with Goa the beautiful Palolem Beach, which was once a hippie paradise and today read both globetrotters and package tourists promises relaxed beach days. But Goa is actually an entire state. There is also a lot to discover for culture lovers, such as old cathedrals or colorful markets.

The coastal state of Kerala is known for its rivers, lakes and waterways, also known as backwaters. Exploring this is a real highlight, because nature is uniquely beautiful. In Kerala there are also some great beaches, wild mountains and fascinating national parks to discover. The southern Indian state is popular for eco-tourism.

Culture fans should not miss Tamil Nadu, the little-known state in southern India has a large number of important Hindu temples. The most famous cities are Chennai and Madurai, the former Madras. If they get too chaotic, it is easy to escape to one of the nearby beaches.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are an archipelago in the Gulf of Bengal and are administered by India. The islands are relatively isolated from the outside world and difficult to reach, which makes them extremely interesting for many travelers. They are the epitome of a tropical island paradise where you can enjoy secluded beaches and find peace.

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Based on years of experience, we have created a packing list for India that takes all eventualities into account. You can adjust these individually according to your wishes and according to your travel route. An interactive PDF is available for your travel planning. You can print out the list and delete or tick off individual points.

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