Travel guide: 555 tips for Bangkok

Bangkok is not only Thailand's capital, but also the gateway to Southeast Asia. And Bangkok is one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Most travelers come here for a few days at the beginning or end of their vacation. But with hardly anyone, Bangkok is love at first sight. I say: With the right tips, a stay in the metropolis is an unforgettable experience.

Together with Florian vom Flocblog I wrote the insider travel guide “555 tips for Bangkok”. There you will not only find the best sights and insider tips, but also everything you need to know about getting around the city, choosing the right district to stay and suggested routes for your stay.

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The insider's guide to Thailand's capital

At last! All tips for Bangkok in one book.
We have compiled 555 interesting places for your trip to Bangkok. You will find many useful tips and explanations to help you find your way around the city. This will save you time and money.

Like no other travel guide!
You won't find such a multitude of sights in any other travel guide. These include many insider tips that will take you to fascinating places away from the tourist crowds. This is how Bangkok becomes an experience.

Use the chance!
A stay in Bangkok is usually (inevitable) at the beginning or end of a trip to Thailand / Southeast Asia. What matters is what you make of it. Whether one night in Bangkok or directly for a whole week, the conditions for a wonderful time are perfect.

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If you don't like the book, you can get a refund for 14 days. So you don't take any chances.

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412 pages packed with insider knowledge

  • the most beautiful temples
  • Museums, historical buildings, modern architecture
  • Sports stadiums: from football to Thai boxing to horse racing
  • Dance, music, art exhibitions and shows
  • the best parks in the capital
  • All means of transportation in Bangkok and easy and understandable how to use them.
  • The first public transport plan for Bangkok, which includes both skytrain, metro and boat lines
  • Tips for driving a bus
  • Explore Bangkok by boat
  • Bicycle tours and running routes
  • Everything that is fun: from the amusement park to action games to the coolest swimming pools
  • route Tips
  • How to find abandoned places and street art!
  • Tips for unforgettable excursions in the area
  • huge Bangkok shopping guide with many insider tips
  • supermarkets
  • the best shopping malls
  • Daily and weekly markets
  • Everything worth knowing for night owls
  • the best skybars
  • the most beautiful bars and restaurants with a view of the river
  • Night markets, live music and entertainment areas
  • Restaurants for every taste
  • the best places for street food in Bangkok
  • the best cafes
  • Culinary ideas and Thai barbecue
  • special experiences: learn to cook, paint or massage!
  • Portively active in Bangkok: the best places
  • Tips for "Bangkok with a child"
  • Festivals from January to December
  • Saving and travel tips

In addition, more than 600 color photos help to increase your anticipation of Bangkok even more!

No risk! If you don't like the travel guide, you will get your money back (up to 14 days after the purchase)!

About the authors

In 2011 I got goodbye to Germany and since then I've been traveling with my backpack in America, Africa and of course Asia as a long-term traveler. During this period, no year passed without visiting Thailand.
I hated Bangkok the first time and vowed that I would never return to the much too chaotic metropolis. After a trip to India lasting several months, Bangkok was very welcome and I stayed for two weeks.
Since then, I've stayed in Bangkok a few weeks longer each year. My partner and I now see the capital of Thailand as a new home.
I write about Thailand and the rest of the world in the flocblog .

I have spent more than two years in Southeast Asia since 2006. With my backpack on my back, I traveled from Indonesia to the Philippines and from Myanmar to Singapore. In between I was in Thailand again and again, sometimes for a few days, sometimes for weeks.
Bangkok was love for me at second glance. As a newcomer to Southeast Asia, the city initially overwhelmed me a bit, but I liked it more with every subsequent visit. When I started to find my bearings and discover the many beautiful places away from the tourist traps, my enthusiasm grew. Today Bangkok is one of the highlights of every trip for me.
555 Tips for Bangkok is my third book on Southeast Asia.

Long-time travel bloggers say about the book:

What are you waiting for?

This has never happened before. On over 412 pages with more than 600 photos you will find 555 places worth seeing. A huge selection of classics and insider tips - sorted by 42 subject areas. There is also a lot of useful information and savings tips that you need for a perfect stay in Bangkok.

The travel guide will help you plan and also during your stay in Bangkok. So you are guaranteed to get to your destination!

555 tips for Bangkok is aimed at both newcomers to Bangkok and everyone who has been to Thailand's capital several times and would like to discover something new.

If you don't like the book, you can get a refund for 14 days. So you do n't take any chances .

From now on: Order free shipping within Germany!

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