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Hello and welcome! Here you will learn interesting facts about the fascination of Southeast Asia.

As the operator of this website, I am often asked questions. I answer some of them that are asked again and again here:

Stefan / About me

When did travel fever grab you?

It was in January 2005 at the Santiago de Chile airport. I had left Europe for the first time in my life. I waited for my connecting flight and studied the destinations on the scoreboard. Although I had just had a trip, I felt a travel bug like never before. Others call it: wanderlust.

And when was the first time you were in Southeast Asia?

Right the year after. Asia had never really appealed to me before, but then I was there, more or less by accident in Thailand, because other plans had failed. What followed was love at first sight. Today, 20 trips to Southeast Asia later, this part of the world has become my second home. I had been backpacking there for two years now, from Myanmar to Singapore, from India to the Philippines.

Where do you live when you're not on the go?

In Dusseldorf.

First trip to Thailand in 2006

The team / cooperation

Are you creating the content on the site alone?

No, not in a long time.

But aren't blogs more personal and usually only created by one person?

This is true for most blogs, but there are already many pages with a small editorial team. At some point it became clear to me that I would not be able to create the fascination of Southeast Asia the way I would like to do it alone. My vision of the site has always been more of an information portal than a blog that puts me in the foreground as a person. Therefore, you will hardly find any photos of me on this page or on my social media channels.

So that the information content of the page increases quickly, I decided to let other people write articles.

Who is still writing for Fascination Southeast Asia?

Over the years there have been quite a number of authors. Some have only written an article, others publish regularly. Here you will find the current team .

I would also like to write something, what should I do?

Just get in touch with us: hallo@grmajo.net . Then we can discuss everything else. We would also be happy to look for topics before the trip. But of course it is also possible to write about past trips.

Background to the fascination of Southeast Asia

How did the idea come about to create this page?

Since I like to write, since 2011 at the latest I had the idea to report on my trips on my own blog and so share my experiences with others. But, as is well known, there is always a reason not to start or postpone something. But in May 2013 the time had finally come. With the start of grmajo.net I realized my dream.

In May 2013 shortly after the start.
November 2018

Who is fascinated by Southeast Asia?

I started Fascination Southeast Asia as a private travel blog. Little by little, more and more authors have found each other who write articles every now and then. Fascination Southeast Asia is independent and does not belong to any publisher or the like.

Who is the site aimed at?

Southeast Asia is one of the most beautiful vacation and travel regions in the world. Anyone who has been there usually comes back again and again. That is why Fascination Southeast Asia is aimed at both beginners and advanced users. Regardless of whether it is your first trip, you want to take the »next step« to Thailand or if you are looking for new destinations after the 10th trip, you will definitely find something here.

But a few travel destinations are not in Southeast Asia ...

Yes that's true. I cheated a little bit in terms of geographical limitation. Because actually only eleven countries belong to Southeast Asia, namely Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), East Java, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. But here you will also find reports on India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. I think it fits. Trips to Southeast Asia are often linked to these destinations. And many regular travelers to Southeast Asia have also been to one of these three countries or are planning a trip.

Motorbike in Madurai (India)

More offers

On which platforms is Fascination Southeast Asia still active?

You can currently find fascination with Southeast Asia on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Pinterest .

Are there any videos on Youtube?

There is a channel on Youtube , but there are only a few videos there. Some of them are unprocessed live recordings. There are currently no plans to expand activities on YouTube.

Is there a newsletter?

Yes. This is sent about once or twice a month. Here you can sign up for the Southeast Asia newsletter . Worth it!


Which books and eBooks have been published so far?

In the meantime I have published three eBooks. These are »Fascination Thailand« and »Fascination Vietnam«, both aimed at beginners, as well as the 555 Tips for Bangkok, which is also available as a printed book.

Where can i buy them?

All eBooks are available in my online shop:

You can also order the book there, which is also available in bookstores.

round trips

Can I book my vacation with you?

That's fine. Basically, I provide all information on this page so that you can organize your trip on your own. But if you prefer to have your vacation organized by experts, this is also possible. I work with some local providers who have been professional tour operators for many years. You can find some route suggestions on my travel portal . All trips can also be customized or completely customized.

Which travel destinations are available?

Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines are currently on offer.

Who carries out the trips?

The trips are carried out by local operators based in Bangkok or Cebu (Philippines). Both have been active in the countries for years, know the best hotels and the most beautiful places. Here you can find out more about the tour operators .

Financing Advertiser /

Is there advertising on the fascination of Southeast Asia?

Yes, every now and then there is advertising here on the page, which is then marked accordingly. I currently do without annoying pop-ups etc. Instead, I mainly use affiliate links.

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links or partner links are included in many articles. For example, when I link to a stuff sack on Bol.com or a hotel on Booking.com, I use special links that allow the site to recognize that the user came from my site. If you then buy or book something, I get a small commission. However, you have no disadvantage because the price for you is unchanged. And I only recommend what I'm convinced of.

The income is used to finance the fascination of Southeast Asia and the further expansion of the information offering. So thank you if you use the affiliate links and support our work. You can find more on the topic and a list of affiliate programs used on my partner page .

Are you invited to hotels or to travel?

Yes, that happens every now and then. However, I have used it only sporadically so far and mostly have canceled it. The resulting articles are marked accordingly.

Further questions?

Then from there in the comments. I will expand the FAQ list at irregular intervals.

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