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Since tourism conquered Southeast Asia, Laos has always lagged behind its neighbors. Perhaps it is because Laos cannot offer dream beaches as a country without access to the sea, or because the outstanding attractions are missing.
But in times when countries like Thailand and Vietnam are perfectly developed and even Myanmar is opening its doors, more and more tourists are coming to Laos. A good thing, because Indochina's inland is often underestimated.
Laos offers its visitors beautiful landscapes, the lush green of the rice fields and the bizarre formations of the limestone mountains. The Mekong winds its way across the country and is the lifeline for humans and animals.
There is absolute serenity in Laos. To understand this way of life, you just have to internalize the following Lao saying: "Wise people don't hurry and hurried people are rarely wise".
Laos is a very relaxed country where hectic is absolutely frowned upon. Sounds like vacation, doesn't it? Of course there is also a lot of culture to discover here, because Laos is famous for its wonderful temples and monasteries.

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Luang Prabang is the most popular travel destination in Laos. Although the city with its listed French colonial architecture has only around 50,000 inhabitants, there are countless temples and other cultural highlights to admire. In the area you will also find interesting sights such as caves and waterfalls.

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The capital of Laos is the cozy version of an Asian capital, which is why it is often underestimated. But there is a lot to see and learn here. Of course you will find many beautiful temples and markets in Vientiane. Another highlight is the Mekong waterfront. Here, where the locals end their evening, you get special insights into the everyday life of the Laotian capital.

The fact that Laos is one of the most beautiful travel destinations for nature lovers is particularly evident in the north. The dreamlike landscape with its thick primeval forests and bizarre limestone rocks attracts more and more travelers to Northern Laos. Pretty small towns like Vang Vieng or Nong Khiaw are perfect starting points for outdoor activities beyond mass tourism.

The south of Laos is not undeveloped, but you won't find any tourist crowds here. On the proverbial 4,000 islands in the Mekong, travelers will find plenty of rest and wonderful sunsets today. The region around Pakse and Si Phan Don is characterized by particularly beautiful untouched nature, which you can easily explore by boat.

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Based on years of experience, we have created a packing list for Laos that takes all eventualities into account. You can adjust these individually according to your wishes and according to your travel route. An interactive PDF is available for your travel planning. You can print out the list and delete or tick off individual points.

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With the right credit card, you can save a lot of money on your travels. Here you can find out which cards you can use to withdraw cash free of charge worldwide or to pay in local currency at no additional cost. And who is currently the only provider who will reimburse you for foreign fees at ATMs, for example in Thailand or Laos.

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You can save several hundred euros on a plane ticket for your trip to Southeast Asia if you use the right platforms and do a few basic things. Here we have summarized the most important tips about flight dates, choice of airport, fork flights and cheap airlines on site. You can do a lot more with the money saved on site.

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