Vietnam fascination. Useful tips for backpackers and individual travelers

Before you start your self-organized Vietnam trip, there are naturally many questions - from booking a flight, the climate and the best travel time to recommendations for the most exciting places. With this eBook you can save yourself hours of research on the Internet.

By working on my blog Faszination-Sü I can estimate how great the knowledge requirement is. Many of the following chapters are the result of questions that readers ask me every day by email or on my Facebook page. In addition, I have gathered the experiences of my previous Vietnam trips.

No risk! If you don't like the eBook, you'll get your money back (up to 14 days after purchase)!

All tips for your trip

Whether booking a flight, looking for a hotel, budget or the most beautiful places, there is a lot to be clarified. This sometimes includes very banal things, such as:

»Where can I get a SIM card for Vietnam?«
"Is tip common in Vietnam?"
»Do I need a socket adapter?«
»How can I buy train tickets in Vietnam?«

In this 209 page eBook you will find:

  • the most beautiful destinations from north to south
  • Detailed route suggestions for two, three or four weeks
  • exciting background information
  • Assistance for your travel planning
  • Tips for the time on site
  • Interesting facts about Vietnam
  • Everything about health
  • a comprehensive service section with useful lists
  • + 10 pages special: “Vietnam with child” by Jenny Menzel (family blog World Wonder)

In addition, more than 80 colored photos help to increase your anticipation for Vietnam even more!

Fascination Vietnam is aimed at backpackers and individual travelers as well as all those who want to organize at least part of their trip on their own.

What you won't find in this book:
Fascination Vietnam is not a classic travel guide where you can find hotel reviews, bus connection times, restaurant tips and maps. Instead, I have compiled all relevant information in this eBook, which will quickly give you an overview of what to expect in Vietnam. I also name pages, apps and tools that will help you on site.

You can find all topics in the following table of contents.

209 pages packed with insider knowledge

  • The best destinations sights
  • Routes for 2 weeks
  • Routes for 3 weeks
  • Routes for 4 weeks
  • Is Vietnam the Right Destination?
  • Vietnam: flat rate or individual?
  • Is Vietnam a backpacker destination?
  • Is Vietnam a Safe Travel Destination?
  • As a solo traveler to Vietnam - is that possible?
  • and much more,
  • Vietnam - the north or the south?
  • Budget: How much does the Vietnam trip cost me?
  • Visa and entry - what do I have to look out for?
  • Where are the most beautiful beaches?
  • How do I find cheap flights to Vietnam?
  • etc.
  • Transport: How do I get from A to B?
  • How do I get a Vietnamese SIM card?
  • Do I need a socket adapter?
  • As a vegetarian / vegan in Vietnam - is it going well?
  • This is how you take care of your safety on the go
  • etc.
  • Do's and Dont's - behavior tips for Vietnam
  • Which Holidays Festivals Should I Know?
  • Vietnam facts and figures
  • etc.
  • What is the medical care like in Vietnam?
  • Which vaccinations are necessary for Vietnam?
  • Do I need foreign health insurance for Vietnam?
  • How do I avoid stomach problems in Vietnam?
  • etc.
  • Vietnam with child

In addition to many great photos, you will also find a packing list and a checklist for your first-aid kit in the eBook. You can find the complete table of contents here:
Table of contents Download Fascination Vietnam here (3236 Downloads)

No risk! If you don't like the eBook, you'll get your money back (up to 14 days after purchase)!

About the author

A good 10 years ago, a trip triggered something in me that I had never known in this form: wanderlust. It was then that I was on another continent for the first time and was thrilled by the many new impressions. As soon as I felt a travel bug like never before.
The year after then Thailand. It was my first vacation in Asia and at the same time love at first sight. Countless further trips to Southeast Asia followed. This part of the world has now become my second home. I had been backpacking there for more than two years, from Myanmar to Singapore, from Indonesia to the Philippines. And of course Vietnam.
A lot has happened, I have experienced a lot. There is the human side with unforgettable encounters and the contacts that have arisen. There is nature with its incredible diversity, both on land and under water. And of course there are the cultural experiences from food to road traffic. I don't want to do without all of that anymore.
In 2013 I realized a dream. My travel blog went online with I was finally able to share what I had experienced with a larger group. Due to the many emails that have reached me since then, I now know the questions that people ask themselves before their first trip to Vietnam.
In addition to Fascination Vietnam, I have two other titles available: Fascination Thailand and 555 tips for Bangkok.

Long-time travel bloggers say about the book:

What are you waiting for?

The most important information
I answer all the important questions that Vietnam travelers ask time and again in this book. You save time! Instead of an endless search on the Internet, you can start planning straight away.

The most beautiful destinations and routes
Vietnam has an incredible number of dream destinations. The eBook gives you a quick overview of where the most beautiful places are. You will also receive route suggestions sorted by time and personal interests.

Related Links
When doing Vietnam research, you sometimes don't see the forest for the trees on the Internet. Therefore, I have added the most important links in the articles. These include airlines, travel reports, apps and official sites.

Comprehensive service part
At the end of the eBook you will find a tried and tested packing list and tips for your first aid kit. I have gathered even more inspiration and useful sources of information on three pages of Vietnam and Southeast Asia links.

No risk
If you don't like the book, you can get a refund for 14 days. So you don't take any chances.

To Thailand too?
If you want to buy both Fascination Vietnam and Fascination Thailand : Both titles are available together in a cheaper complete package .

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