Travel gift ideas for backpackers and Southeast Asia fans


Are you looking for a suitable travel gift? For friends, someone in the family or for yourself? Here you will find around 80 suggestions, from the classic to the new idea.

The gift ideas can of course not only be used for Christmas or birthdays:

  • Friends of yours go on a trip around the world and you want to give them something on the go?
  • Someone in your family is a big fan of Southeast Asia and you want to make them happy?
  • Or maybe you would like to give yourself a gift?

Useful gifts for backpackers and travelers

I am sure there is something for you here. Enjoy browsing!

In addition to the articles listed below, you will find plenty of other ideas in my packing list for Southeast Asia and in my article on the best books for Southeast Asia (from novels to travel guides).

Note: This list has been around since 2014. I update it every year.

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Do you know the worry on the way to the airport when you're not sure if your suitcase or backpack is too heavy? There was of course no scales in the hotel ...
This happens to me every now and then on the way back, after I had bought kilos of spices for myself and souvenirs for my loved ones at home. With a for on the go, you always have an overview of how much you can still load.
Surfing the Internet, listening to music, taking photos, looking for directions - somehow the smartphone is always in use. But the battery is always empty. What if you can't charge it because there are lots of palm trees but no electricity on the beautiful island?
With this external battery charger you can recharge your iPhone, Android or GoPro.
The three transparent cosmetic bags help you to quickly find what you are looking for.
Even if there is an app for everything today, a travel diary is still a fine thing. Simply skip all electronic devices, collect your thoughts and then write down what moves you during your trip.
In this travel safe you can store important items, from smartphones to notebooks.
This hanging toiletry bag is also a good idea ,
This waterproof backpack is also very practical. Whether in a sudden rain shower or in a longtail boat. Your valuables will not get wet here. Mobile phones and cameras as well as eBook readers are stowed away dry.
The Gorillapod tripod is almost legendary. It is small, light and with its flexible legs stands on almost any surface. You can also use it to attach the camera to a tree or railing, for example. I use it myself regularly.
The load is 1 kg. But there are also tripods for 3 to 5 kilos.
You can avoid a lot of garbage if you get the water in Southeast Asia in the canister instead of in countless individual bottles. This foldable and reusable bottle is ideal for on the go.
With this money belt
you have a good storage place if you have to carry large amounts of money with you on travel days.
Before my last big trip, I had switched to an eBook reader. As a multi-reader, I was tired of always carrying around two to three kilos of books with me and then still having to rely on an exchange shelf. I have a Tolino, but a Kindle is just as good.
Away from the tourist routes, it can happen that you suddenly get stuck with English. But what then? A great thing is a pointing dictionary . There are hundreds of drawings here that can be understood in any >
Those who travel a lot will find that the quality of a passport is not always the best. With a cover you protect your most important document for long-distance travel from damage. With a trendy envelope color, you can also find the pass faster at a check at the airport.
Especially those who take a lot of photos and videos may need several memory cards. This storage box I've been using for years.
Madness! This waterproof, foldable backpack weighs only 90 grams. I've been using for years.
This multifunctional tool weighs just 140 grams on the go. With the Leatherman Skeletool you have everything from a combination blade to pliers. The Leatherman is available in many different versions.
This portable Bluetooth speaker is well suited for an evening on the terrace of your bungalow or for a beer on the beach , It lets you listen to the music from your smartphone with friends.
If you want to invest a little more money to use the speaker regularly at home in everyday life, this model is the right choice.
This high-quality headlamp not only ensures consistently good light for up to 100 hours, you can also charge it with a USB cable. So you don't have to take batteries with you.
Was the mosquito repellent a letdown? Then this electronic stitch healer at least helps to dispel the itching. Very popular!
With this you can get even more out of the camera of your iPhone, Samsung or HTC. The lens offers you the options fisheye, wide angle and macro. Simply put on top and off you go. There is also for the iPad.
This universal cable organizer is really a good thing , Finally no knotted cables in your backpack.
Only one socket in the room but all devices empty? Then this PowerCube will help you (4x distributor + 2x USB) ,
With this WI-FI SDHC memory card you can stream images directly to your notebook or tablet. Or on your mobile phone to then share them via Instagram or Facebook.
The thin cotton sleeping bag for travel does not take up a lot of space and is great in cheap accommodations where the bedding is sometimes less clean.
These microfiber towels are space-saving and practical.
This smartphone case protects against sand, dust and water. Really practical on the beach or during Songkran.

A good flashlight makes perfect sense. And not only when visiting the cave, but also when you have to walk back to your bungalow at night via hardly lit paths and steps.
You're only traveling with hand luggage, but you're wondering what to do with shower gel co. Then take a look at these refillable silicone bottles . You can take these with you on the plane and you won't arrive at your destination without important cosmetic items.

Or how about, for example ...?

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How about your own hammock for the garden or balcony? Relaxing a little is also good outside of your vacation!
No trees to attach the hammock to? Then maybe this is an inflatable sofa an interesting alternative.
Kitsch or cool? With them, the wink cats have grown to their hearts. One of them watches me as I write this article about gift tips. A bit of Asia in Düsseldorf too.
The slightly different sofa! You are probably familiar with this type of seat cushion if you have ever been to Southeast Asia. If you liked lying and sitting like this, but you had no more space in your luggage, you can also order the pillows here.
How about this beautiful Southeast Asia wall calendar 2020 (60x48 cm) . Great photos in poster format. Among other things from Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Hangs in my living room too.
Are you a Thailand fan? Then this Thailand calendar 2020 (60x48 cm) is just right for you.
And of course there is this great calendar for Vietnam too.
In addition, Fascination Southeast Asia author Jasmin has created a calendar with the most beautiful pictures of her travels. This is available in different formats .
On this world map with a cork back wall you can put the pins in the places you've already traveled to.

Or how about, for example?

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Southeast Asia is famous for its excellent cuisine. The journey will quickly become a culinary experience. So why not cook the best dishes at home. Some time ago I bought this After buying a wok, a good cookbook may also be missing. As a bonus, this copy of Thai Street Food also offers addresses of markets, food stalls and restaurants in Bangkok.
The evening is almost like on vacation with this set of seven Of course, there must be something good to eat with beer. The Reishunger Thai Curry Box is a nice gift idea that contains all the ingredients for a traditional Thai curry .
Some could eat a curry every day. With this package you get five different pastes (red, yellow, green, Penang and Masaman) in the storage and tasting set .
The book asia street food is really great , Here you will find a detailed book presentation . In the Fascination Southeast Asia Shop you can order asia street food and other cookbooks free of charge.

Indian is just as popular as Thai cuisine. For me, the best cookbook is still Indian vegetarian , Some of my favorite dishes come from this book.
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The classic of travel inspiration. Do you still need a source of ideas for your next vacation? 1000 Places to see before you offers you suggestions.
The Vietnamese leader helps you to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.
Inspiration for Southeast Asia can be found in this really great illustrated book about Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar ,
Another great illustrated book takes you on a river trip from China to Vietnam . Around 300 photos with the most important sights and fascinating pictures of nature.
The film Same Same But Different describes the love between a German and a bar girl from Cambodia.
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel tells the story of a group of British pensioners who want to spend their retirement in India.
Myanmar is one of the most fascinating countries in Southeast Asia. In November Mario Weigt and Walter M. Weiss have the Myanmar premium illustrated book released. A great book with around 400 large-format pictures on 224 pages. Just to dream.
Why is Thailand such a popular travel destination? Travel blogger and author Sina Wendt thought about it and found 105 reasons to fall in love with Thailand.
She wrote them down and enriched them with personal experiences, useful tips and interesting country facts.
Some chapters have also been written by other Thailand-experienced travel bloggers, so that a result is a readable and unique travel guide that will also delight old Thailand rabbits.
105 reasons to love Thailand are available as books and eBooks .
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The children's suitcase Trunki , which is available in different colors and with different motifs, guarantees enthusiasm among the very young travelers. And if the child doesn't want to pull anymore, they can even sit on the suitcase and be pulled.
This is highly recommended for all parents
Family travel guide , Almost 500 pages leave no questions unanswered. Here you will find a detailed book presentation
Many questions arise especially before long-haul flights. 190 of these are in the travel guide for families: flying with babies and toddlers answered.
The costs to be expected are a very important aspect when traveling with a child. The book on travel budget planning Jenny Menzel contains a lot of valuable tips in this regard.
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The idea . Then you can rub off the countries you have been to. But be careful: after a few days in Russia, the progress looks more impressive than after a trip through all of Southeast Asia. 😉
This travel money box

What are your gift ideas? What would you be happy about?

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